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Moss Terrarium Care Instructions


Keep the container closed to maintain the ecosystem. Once established, your terrarium will not be needing much care at all as everything will recycle.


Moderate to bright indirect lighting is best to keep the vibrancy of the plants and moss. This can be done with the use of indoor LED lights if needed. However, refrain from placing it on window sills with direct sunlight.


Comfy room temperature between 18 to 22C degrees is best. Keep away from direct heat sources and direct sunlight to avoid creating a sauna room in the container.


The water recycles within the ecosystem. But if the soil and moss look dry, mist it with distilled water to restore the water balance. Depending on the seal of the container, you may need to do this once every 1-3 months.


All materials are sterilized and disinfected before planting into the terrarium. However, mould spores may still make their way in as it thrives in humid environments. Simply open the container for half a day to dry it out or use a 1:32 hydrogen peroxide to water ratio to clean the mouldy area.


Mushrooms are fungi that thrive in humid and moist environments, which are conditions often found within moss terrariums. While they might not be intentionally planted, they can emerge due to the presence of fungal spores naturally present in the environment. We DO NOT recommend ingesting the mushrooms found in the moss terrariums.

Bioactive Soil

All moss terrariums have springtails to generate bioactive soil designed to mimic natural ecosystems. Springtails, tiny arthropods, enhance this setup by decomposing organic matter, promoting nutrient cycling, and maintaining a healthy substrate. This approach benefits plant growth, nutrient balance, soil aeration, and moisture regulation, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem within enclosed environments like terrariums and vivariums. Some larger moss terrariums may have dwarf and/or regular isopods to establish the healthy ecosystem.

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